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  • A Kid in the Barbershop

    June 7, 2016

    kid 2 It’s not just men who reap the benefits from going to a barbershop for their weekly trim, shave and banter; but kids, like being in a candy shop, have the opportunity to form memories from the exciting world inside those doors.

    Taking your kids to get their bi-weekly cut can be fascinating for them. As a kid, being able to go somewhere consistently and getting to know the people around them can be beneficial on so many levels. It can form comradery, friendships later in life, and a sense of home. Despite the new norm of equality that has been created, a barber shop still signifies a distinct sense of manliness. Plain and simple, it’s a cool hang out for men to be men. And although women have entered the mix (more power to them because it’s awesome) it still fosters a sense of being a man.

    Back in the 1800’s through the 1940’s, barbershops were in their prime. Men socialized and barbershops took over in popularity. Barbershop visits were part of a weekly, sometimes daily, routine and not only for cuts but for fraternizing. At this time, barbershops were classy and sophisticated with marble countertops and elaborately carved wood surrounding fine leather furniture. The best of the best had crystal light fixtures hanging from beautifully designed ceilings. Despite all of the luxurious surroundings, barbershops still created a sense of home and warmth while inviting people in for a memorable experience of pomades, tobacco, cherry and apple flavored pipe smells. The moment a man walked in, he was immediately surrounded by familiarity without a care in the world.

    In a world of dramatics, over-reacting and what our kids should and shouldn’t do, surrounded by he-said, she-said, “this is right and you are wrong,” shouldn’t our kids be able to have a place they can go to be surrounded in comfort? Barbers are interesting. They have stories to tell, life-lessons to share, pasts that are colorful and battle wounds. They allow us to open up, comment on current events, say what’s on our mind, talk sports, family, cars and politics without fear of offending. Everyone is involved – kids included.

    Start them young. Get them in on the action. Bond. The mix is incredible. And the work that trained barbers are doing now-a-days is next to none. Men need traditions to help bond them with their children and what a great place to culminate that.kid1