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  • 5 Tips For a Really Great Shave

    March 7, 2016

    IMG_0265Getting Straight Razor Shave

    Shaving is simple.

    Buy cheap $2 foam, lather up your face, hurriedly take that dull BIC razor out and scratch the stubble off slowly so that you don’t accidentally cut yourself, then stick tissue to your face in multiple spots to stop the bleeding in the car while driving to work looking like you’ve got pimple cream dotted everywhere.

    Shaving is not that simple.
    There’s a technique – an art if you will – to get the best shave possible. It takes time that you don’t think you have, but must invest in so you don’t abuse your face.

    Here are some tips for a really great shave:

    1. First you must wash your face. Wash it good too. Softening the protein in the hair is important.

    2. Lather up. There’s no right or wrong here. You can use gel or cream, whichever you prefer but make sure to let it sit for roughly 3 minutes before you put the razor to it. Once again, you’re looking to soften the hair for a better shave.

    PS – You’re going to want to use a brush to lather the cream. Don’t use your fingers. A brush will push the cream into the hair really coating each individual one.

    3. No need to get picky and fancy with your razor choice. Single blade works just fine. If you prefer a double blade, feel free to use it, but it’s not a necessity to get a great shave. You’re going to change your razor every 2-3 weeks, so depending on far you want to dig in your pockets depends on which razor you prefer.

    4. Keep your skin hot & wet. Shaving in the shower or immediately after is the best option. A suggestion worth the investment would be a shaving lather warmer. This will continuously keep your face hot without having to constantly put warm towels to it.

    Immediately following the shave, rinse with cold water. This will reduce inflammation.

    5. Shave with the direction your hair is growing in. Even though you’ll get a closer shave by going against, it will cause burn or ingrown hairs. Don’t continue to go over an area either. This can cause irritation.

    A professional job is always worth the time. Taking 15-30 minutes out of your day to have someone do the work for you is relaxing and mindless. LaBarberia Institute offers an awesome hot shave for $7. That’s as much as your razor will cost, so it’s definitely worth the $$ & time. We accept walk-ins during any of our open business hours: https://labarberiainstitute.com/