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  • The Benefits of Becoming a Barber

    December 17, 2015

    There’s something to be said about making someone’s day, or, even, changing someone’s life. That feeling that takes over you when you know you’ve done something that the other person feels great about – that’s something unexplainable. This isn’t something that only celebrities can feel, or the wealthy, this is something everyone can feel based on the paths they choose in life.
    The benefits of becoming a barber are far more than taking a razor to someone’s scalp and carving designs into it. That’s not what this career encompasses. Every time someone sits in the chair, hair overgrown, misshapen, too flat, too big or too messy – it’s really a blank canvas waiting to have new life breathed back into it. You see, being a barber means there is an element of control to the situation – A fresh start occurs after the snipping and shavings hit the floor because of YOU and what you’ve created.
    Being a barber means being an artist – a creative soul who seeks out change and design and is deeply passionate about their craft. Choosing to be a barber allows for those who aren’t feeling fun, fresh and edgy to reinvent themselves. It means someone trusts you enough to say “Change it up” and then wear their hair confidently down the street afterwards. This forces you to keep an open mind that is constantly thinking of innovative ideas.
    Being a barber is fun and exciting. When people sit down for a cut, once they see your work and start to trust you, a bond and friendship forms. The role of barber is now that of a confidant, listener and friend. It’s far more than just a title.
    On top of all of that, independence is another awesome benefit. Working in a shop can be exciting for most, while others want the feeling of control and eventually open their own business. The possibilities are endless as all shops are different and have their own unique vibe, while opening your own shop can allow for more creative freedom. If a portfolio is created, your work can also be used in magazines or for fashions shows, which shows off what a rockstar you really are. Career growth can go in many directions depending on the choices you make. The sky is the limit and you get to figure out where you’re headed.
    The benefits of being a barber boil down to fun, creativity and satisfaction. Finding a career that you truly love is one of the most difficult things that we are challenged with as we “grow up,” because, let’s be serious, who really knows? But, given you have the passion and characteristics of an artist, you can challenge that in an outlet that allows you to be social and inspired.
    More so, nowadays, people crave the freedom of a flexible work schedule, hours & knowing that their income is solely based on what they put into it. The reward of exerting your effort into your business, making each person look the best they can when they leave your chair and then telling 10 of their friends about you, is one of the best compliments you can receive.

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