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  • The Man In The Mirror… A Look at Today’s Man

    September 21, 2015

    Guy looking at himself in the mirror.

    News Flash: Men want their hair to look good, and they don’t want to have to achieve that in a salon for women. They realize, more than anybody else that “hair frames a man’s face and accents his features, and it can’t be disguised by the cut of a suit.”

    As American Crew so adeptly summed up today’s man, times have changed, and men are back to getting great new experiences and learning ways to incorporate style into their everyday lives.

    A British study has concluded that, within a year, men spend five months at a salon “quaffing their do, and almost a month cutting and taking care of their nails.”

    Many studies have concluded that as men become more concerned about their hair they are taking better care of it, and believe that their hair is related to their self-image and their masculinity. With that new attitude, comes the self-confidence to be able to discuss their concerns with a professional.  Men are becoming fussy about their hair, and want to make themselves look more attractive and comfortable at the same time. Their mirror is the big test.  Men want to look good when they are looking in the mirror. They want to look younger than their peers by getting different types of hairstyles. And, these days, men are able to express their intentions to their barber.

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