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  • To Shave Or Not Shave Your Head

    April 28, 2016




    The idea of shaving your head can seem appealing for many initial reasons, but once you get the low-down on the facts, you may want to stop in and have a professional trim your hair.

    1. Saving money

    Although it may seem like shaving your head with a $2 BIC razor seems like the cheapest way to go, it adds up. BIC razors do not cost $2. They cost anywhere from $4 – $6, which is too expensive to begin with to have to do all of the work yourself. You can pay anywhere from $7-$9 for a more hip fresh look.

    Think about the money you have to spend on good sunscreen to slather the top of your dome every time you walk out into the blistering Ohio sun (depending on Mother Nature’s mood). Almost makes you want to buy a hat so you don’t have to worry about it, which costs money, of course, because picking the right hat is imperative. You clearly can’t go out wearing any other teams than the Browns, Indians & Cavs, and we all know how pricey those can be. It gets even more expensive when winter rolls around & you have to find a good knit beanie from Urban Outfitters to match your gloves and scarf.

    If you are planning to do this on your own, you need to invest in a great razor which can get really pricey. You need a shave brush, a good shaving cream & aftershave.  And DO NOT forget to moisturize after. Time is money.

    2. You have hair!

    You should enjoy it, love it, treat it, brush it, trim it, clip it & savor it until you no longer have any. It’s a privilege to have a head full of hair and an asset in our culture. Don’t shave it all off! People would love to have your full mop of luxurious curls, waves & tendrils. What you should do is allow a barber to style it in a way that makes you look even cooler than you already are. You should treat yourself to having your cut done every few weeks and enjoy the time you get to spend relaxing and chatting. If you have kids, the trip to the barber should be a luxury. After all, if you still have hair to get cut after that, you should savor those 30 minutes of alone time while making yourself look awesome again.

    3. Time.

    When will you have it? Do you realize the investment you must make to ensure your shaved, non-sunburned, moisturized head is up to par, daily? To do this right, you need to clip first, shower to dampen the head with heat or use a hot towel regimen and use a fresh razor. Shave. But you have to shave twice! First, go with the grain. Then reapply soap and go against the grain (this is different than shaving your face). Once you’re done, don’t forget the back of your neck & to transition to your beard. Rinse. Pat dry. Apply aftershave. Moisturize.

    If this seems like a lot of work, that’s because for someone who isn’t a professional, it is. We want to do this for you! Spend the 30 minutes for yourself, the $10 & allow the best barbers in Cleveland to make you stylish, relaxed and fresh. https://labarberiainstitute.com/

    We’re offering FREE hot straight razor shaves to all men through the end of May with mention of this blog post. Call 440-565-7525 today to reserve your spot!