About LaBarberia Institute of Hair

Dedicated and inspired by diligence of the “old school” barbers and the beauty industry, Laura Clemente; barber since 1983 and business owner operator since 1989, spoke of the promise to one day open a barber college that would overcome mediocrity and cater to the student, guest and community. The school was founded in 2009 to provide opportunities that will enrich lifestyles and inspire others to succeed, serve and care.

Our Mission Statement

LaBarberia Institute of Hair is a professional barber school that is committed to maintaining its standard of excellence. LaBarberia Institute of Hair provides its students with extraordinary training, educational experiences and state-of-the-art tools necessary to prepare for a successful and fulfilling career in today’s barber industry.

Our Vision

We seek to help build a new generation of entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and micropreneurs in the barbering and esthetic professions. Our goal is to reshape the industry with an advanced curriculum in an environment that focuses on diversity and inclusion. All are welcome here.


Laura Clemente, a barber since 1983 and business owner since 1989 was always inspired by the diligence of “old school” barbers and the beauty industry. That inspiration prompted her vision of one day opening a barber school that would overcome mediocrity and caters wholly to the student, the client, and the community.

In 2009, that vision was realized and LaBarberia Institute of Hair was founded. Laura now works to ensure that her Institute continuously and consistently provides opportunities that enrich lives, inspiring others to thrive, serve, and excel.

Today, the Institute is a professional school that is committed to excellence in career training. Here, students experience top-quality education and expert job training in practice on live models. They are guided by skilled instructors who collectively have decades of experience as licensed barber stylists and estheticians with the state of Ohio.

Ready to start your journey in the beauty industry? 

The team at LaBarberia Institute of Hair has a passion for helping entrepreneurs interested in the beauty industry, encouraging them to become their own boss through proper training. This gives them the ability to service the community they’re a part of. There’s no better feeling than starting a business with a primary goal of ensuring your neighbors and their families feel and look their best. That’s why we invite you to start your journey in the barber and beauty industry.

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All students must meet specific academic, attendance, and behavioral requirements to receive these extracurricular courses. 

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