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  • Becoming a Better You in 25 Ways

    February 17, 2017

    Inspired by a blog on the “Art of Manliness,” here are the top 25 Ways to Be a Better Man (or Woman):

    1. Define your core values

    Defining your values gives you purpose. It prevents us from making bad decisions and gives us confidence.

    1. Shine your shoes

    Why not? Clean sharp shoes are a staple to any wardrobe. Often times they define you.

    1. Find a Mentor

    Do you have one? Who is it? Why are they the one you aspire to be more like? Tell them. Talk to them. Pick their brain and learn from them in any way you can.

    1. Increase your testosterone

    Play sports. Join flag football. Go to a Cleveland Browns game (whether they’re good or not). Splurge for great seats for the CAVS game. Play basketball with your friends. Get moving.

    1. Cultivate your gratitude

    When was the last time you felt grateful? Do you show gratitude to others? Take stock of all of the great things going on in your life and appreciate them every day.

    1. Update your resume

    It doesn’t matter if you’re going to utilize it – just update it. Make it relevant. You never know who you’re going to meet and where you are going to meet them. Always have a copy readily available.

    1. Reconnect with an old friend

    What do you have to lose? Who cares why you stopped talking, what may have happened and how badly it ended, today is the day to get back to basics. Let go of regret, doubt and hardship and text the friend you’ve been missing.

    1. Start a blog

    Everyone runs their own business whether you work for someone else or not. Blog. Talk about your life, what’s important to you, things around you, your profession, your career and whatever else may hold value to you.

    1. Take someone on a date

    Keep it fresh, get out of the house, be romantic, live a little. See a movie, go see a band and just feel the moment with someone else.

    1. Give yourself a testicular and breast exam

    Why? Because it’s important. You’re an adult and you need to be responsible over your body, your health and your life. Suck it up and do it and if you don’t know how, schedule an appointment.

    1. Create your bucket list

    Most people create a Will but a bucket list, that’s something we all can do easily and without getting professionals involved. Have you ever sat down and wrote out all of your goals before your time is up?

    1. Declutter your life

    This involves your house, your car, your friends and even your family. Declutter what’s weighing you down and what’s in your way. Get rid of negativity.

    1. Write a letter to your father

    No matter who you are, where they are, everyone has a few things to say to their dad. Write it out. Send it if you want or don’t, but get it down on paper.

    1. Make a homemade meal from scratch

    Can you cook? If the answer is “no,” that’s perfectly fine. Get on Pinterest and type in the food you like. Poof! Hundreds of meals will come up and all you have to do is take yourself to the store and COOK!

    1. Create a budget

    We all need one whether we actually have money to blow or not. Write down all of your expenses, what comes in and out, and see what you have. You’ll be surprised at how many times you stop at the gas station, buy take out or spend frivolously on random things you don’t really need.

    1. Schedule a physical exam

    Just do it. Give up 1 hour a year and handle it.

    1. Talk to strangers

    Every. Single. Day.

    1. Write your own eulogy

    What do you want to leave us with?

    1. Improve your posture

    Because everyone has a hard time standing up straight, not slouching and sitting tall. Improve your posture and it will improve your attitude.

    1. Learn a manual skill

    With technology, we often forget we have the power to do things ourselves. Put down the machine and learn something from a teacher, a friend or a mentor.

    1. Play

    ALL THE TIME. And laugh while you’re doing it.

    1. Start a debt reduction plan

    Why? So you can start that business you want, buy that house and plan for the future.

    1. Start a book

    (Finish a book).

    1. Write a love letter

    To yourself, to your mom, to your 1st love, your best friend, your grandma or your child. Tuck it somewhere safe if you don’t want to give it to them and bring it out when they need it most.

    1. Conquer a fear

    Just because you should. What are you afraid of and what’s the worst that could happen?


    Every day is a new day to start fresh. Take the next 25 days and assign one of these goals to it. Make it happen. There’s no excuse. Then, after you’ve completed the task, declare it and share it with the world. Help them engage on this journey with you.Man with afro dancing