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  • Open For Students, But Closed To The Public Until April 1st

    March 17, 2020

    Closed But Still Awesome
    After being advised by our state agency, accrediting agency, and keeping in line with CDC and state and federal recommendations and guidelines we have been advised to be open.
    We do not fall under the category of consumer service Businesses as we have close our clinic floor to the public and have ultimately minimized risk.
    We do not fall under the category of Barbershop, and salons which May close as they are consumer service businesses.
    We do not fall under the category of colleges that are closing because we do not have an international population that traveled for spring break or travels frequently, and we do not have the dormitories on site.
    We fall under the category of career technical schools for adult education and because we are close to the public and because we have a 13,000 ft.² facility We are able to continue to operate as a school as we are able to abide by all recommendations of social distancing, sanitation recommendations and guidelines and limit quantities of small groups spread out accordingly throughout our 13,000 for the facility.