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    August 14, 2016

    man bun

    There’s no doubt about it.

    The man bun is hot.

    It’s a trend that’s rocking waves across the board and not just because it brings out the playfulness in each of us. A guy with a man bun screams that he’s in control; He doesn’t care what anyone thinks and if his life is in order.

    Man buns command power and attention. When a man bun is present, we all know that guy isn’t thinking about working 60+ hours this week or how he is going to fit in leg day at the gym. He’s thinking about his trips across the world this year, whether he should go to the beach or walk the Grand Canyon during his free time today. The man bun yells at us every time we pass one. It says “STOP WORKING SO HARD.” It begs us to put our phones down, to loosen up and enjoy our lives.

    The man bun wants us to live in the moment, stop being on a schedule and eat nachos, hot dogs & whatever else we want for dinner (or snack).

    The man bun is a metaphor for living and dying and having fun. It’s sexy yet serious; calm but aggressive; messy yet put together.

    The man bun represents a part of each of us that wants to live on the edge and not have to worry about whether we can cover up our tattoos with that newly pressed work-shirt we just bought.

    Man buns are low-key, eccentric and thoughtful. They drink black coffee and like life simple. They don’t care about the stubble overgrowing on their jowls. They don’t schedule their days and lose their minds when they are late to something. They are chill and present during each second. Man buns don’t rely on strangers’ advice to make them feel better – they take the road less traveled, the bumpy one with all the rocks that stab their feet because they are walking it barefoot. They don’t rock the newest shoes and they don’t care if their watch actually tells the right time. They just want to be.

    Don’t we all?

    Love those man buns. Be those man buns. Those man buns should be our mantra.