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  • March 2019 Spotlight – Jatera Kelley

    March 1, 2019

    Jatera Kelley

    Name: Jatera Kelley Age: 23

    LaBarberia Institute of Hair, the Cleveland Barber College, has been recognizing our students with a monthly spotlight for their talents, ambition, and hard work. During the month of March 2019, we would like to acknowledge Jatera Kelley.

    Jatera is from Cleveland, Ohio. She grew up spending time at barbershops every weekend while her mom, dad, and brothers all received haircuts. She originally started barber college at Flawless Barber Academy. When Flawless closed its doors, she and many other students decided to attend LaBarberia Institute of Hair.

    Jatera prefers becoming a barber over being a hairstylist. Cutting hair is something that she is excited to do. She loves the challenge of working with short hair and blending different levels and lines. Her favorite part of being a barber is shaving with straight razors. She continuously buys straight razors and practices on her arms and legs to perfect the angles.

    “Shaving is oddly satisfying.” Jatera states

    When Jatera graduates in October of this year, she wants to start her career by working in a shop and gaining her own clientele. She loves the freedom that barbering provides. With this career path, she can be her own boss, work on her own time, and own her own space. Her goal is to purchase a loft one day and design it to her style. Jatera wanted a job to work while going back to school for eight years. She plans to become a psychiatrist and work as a therapist for clients while barbering.

    Instagram: @yahyah2