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  • Why You Should Apply To An Advanced Esthetics Program

    February 20, 2020

    facialIf you’re reading this then you’re obviously interested in skincare and the beauty industry. You’ve probably already googled what an esthetician is, “a person who is knowledgeable about the nature and appreciation of beauty, especially in art,” but I’m going to break down what an esthetician really is and what we do!


    Estheticians are treasure hunters. 

    We help those who feel ordinary understand their God-given beauty is EXTRAORDINARY. Estheticians are equipped with unmatched skills to uncover the treasure of one’s one-of-a-kind natural beauty and enhancing every gorgeous bit of it.
    What’s the unintended gift? You know… only watching clients fall in love with being in THEIR OWN SKIN.

    A Beautification Situation:

    Tears of treacherous insecurities or vexing vulnerability are transformed into feelings of hope, comfort, and beauty all the way from the heart to the face by the hand of an esthetician. There are no words- just a glow bound road to restoring confidence. From advanced custom blending and makeup application to brow extraordinaire to clinical, custom, corrective skin service master… whatever the situation… YOU will embody beautification with our education.

    You are a PRO:

    You may graduate and be recruited to work at a dermatologist’s or plastic surgeon’s office under their MD OR RN performing clinical-grade treatments, or choose to become like 98% of the nation’s beauty industry professionals owning and operating a single unit establishment in brick and mortar storefront or a salon loft suite… The choice is yours because YOU are a PRO.

    Are You a Visionary?

    US, TOO! Do you have a vision for yourself professionally and need help getting there? You have a calling and we call that your vision. We have the vision to help you succeed and here are just a few ways we help you get there:
    Professional and Brand Development
    Entrepreneurial Training and Education
    Advanced Skill Sets
    Progressive Certifications

    Our Facility:

    Our State-Of-The-Art facility is 5,000 ft2 of pure esthetic joy. The heartbeat of our facility is our experienced and dedicated staff bringing you to Mid-West America’s most captivating curriculum.

    We choose you:

    Every esthetic school in Ohio is required to teach a basic state-regulated curriculum: we go above and beyond to ensure you have a skill set, marketable edge and a plan to help you to build a thriving livelihood that you are passionate about. When you are a LaBarberia Institute graduate you have two state-recognized pieces of licensure (upon passing state board exams), up to six additional certifications, a business plan, and a viable vision, not to mention a networking support system. 


    Our ALUMNI = Our FAMILY.

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